2016 Fall Goalty

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Fall Goalty details below.  Now updated with core info!

Questions, email the commish Adam McCargo:


League Details:

  • Registration: Monday 8/15-9/2 (click here)
  • Draft: Tuesday: 9/6/16 at 7 pm
  • League Play: Mondays/Wednesdays starting 9/12 -11/9/16 at Coan Rec.
    • Your team will play on either Mondays OR Wednesdays each week. This will allow for more teams.
  • EOS: Sunday 11/13/16.  Location TBD.
  • Registration Fee: $55

Captain/Core Details:

  • Male/Female Captains Plus One Player (+1) Core: The +1 can be a guy or girl and can be anyone (no rookie requirement like last year) as long as the total 3-person core is under 18 points.  Guy rank max is 9, lady rank max is 6.
  • Add-On Rookies: You can add up to 3 players (no more than 2 male players) to your core as long they have NOT played AFDC Goalty within the last 2 years. So if a player has played in one or more of the following leagues, they will need to be a captain, a +1 to the captains, or go into the draft.
    • No ranking limits on the rookies, so go get some studs and/or studettes on your core.
    • Depending on the rookies you add to your core, there will be draft considerations that the Goalty committee (i.e., current Goalty commissioners) will set. Example: if you add a top tier/1st round player to your core you may lose a 2nd or 3rd round pick, but not a 1st round pick. So you still get a solid value for recruiting a rookie, just not as much as last year.
    • All rookies equal a lost draft round to keep numbers equal across teams. If they are a true goalty rookie you are most likely to only have to sit out a very late round or possibly the last round.
  • You are only required to have a 3-person core, but if we have more cores than teams spots then larger cores will get preferential treatment.  Core max is 6 people.
  • Captain Pairs and +1 AND Cores Due:  Sunday 8/30/16

***Number of teams: We hope to have at least 8, but I want to get 12. Captain spots are NOT first, come first served. If I get 12 cores but we only have enough players for 8 teams, the top* cores get the spots, while the other cores go into the draft. *Define top: track record for attendance, spirit, knowledge of the game, and the number/quality of new players you recruited.

Let me know if there are any questions.

–Adam McCargo (Fall Goalty Commish)

Photo by Christina Schmidt.

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