Atlanta teams travel to 2016 Youth Club Championships

The Youth Club Championships is the premier national event for youth teams around the United States lasting Friday, August 12th through Sunday, August 14th. With a staggering 76 teams in five divisions in attendance, YCCs isn’t just the top event for youth, but one of the largest too! The tournament is held in Blaine, Minn.

Tournament Overview

Blaine, MN  

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Index – Schedule and Results 

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U19 Girls

U19 Mixed

U19 Boys

U16 Boys

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Teams / Coaches 

Thank you to these coaches who have volunteered countless hours during their busy summers to prepare our kids for success.


YCC Coordinator – Courtney Farrell

U-19 Open – “ATLiens” | Roster | @ATLiensYCC 

  • Justin Mattingly (JLP, Grady High School)
  • Cate Woodhurst (Nutria, Ozone, Georgia Tech Wreck, GT Tribe B)


U-19 Girls – “cAtlanta” | Roster | @catlanta_YCC

  • Anraya Palmer (Ozone, UGA, Outbreak)
  • Hannah Leathers (Ozone, N Druid HS, UGA, All-Star Tour)2015-08-07 16.02.48

U-19 Mixed “flATLine” | Roster | @FlatlineYCC

  • Aileen Thomas (Bucket Captain, Nutria)
  • Tim Brady (Bucket Captain, Nutria, ITT Tech)


U-16 Open “ATLas” | Roster | @AtlasYCC

  • TJ Martin (Bucket, Auburn, Emory, SoHo)
  • Joey Shea (SoRev, Nooga by Nature)
  • Gabe Bidot (JLP, FSU, Emory, SoHo)

Shout out to the countless others involved. Sorry that we missed you.

Scouting Reports

Although it will take every player on their rosters to win this weekend, we wanted to take this chance to highlight some of the key contributors for each of those teams (i.e. the players you well eventually need to up-rank at the CRM).

Ultiworld preview

U-19 Girls – cAtlanta (#11 seed)

Bess Renjilian- Captain

Bess is a player on cATLanta this summer after spending last year on flATLine. She is a handler from Paideia. Last season was her first year on varsity after a few years on JV. Her first year on varsity didn’t disappoint and she was a player we could depend on to make a big play on O or on D.

Jenny Choi- Captain

Jenny is back on cATLanta after missing last summer. She is a handler/cutter from Brookwood High School. Expect to see her in the handler role for us this summer. She’s got great disc skills and field awareness. She is also a very positive force on and off the field. Jenny will be attending Georgia Tech this fall.

Georgia Smith

This will be Georgia’s second year on cATLanta. She is a smart, athletic handler from Grady High School. Look out for her huge backhand hucks! She’ll have some speedy receivers to throw to this summer.

Quincy Booth

This will be Quincy’s first year playing YCC. She is also the youngest player on the team. She comes to us from Renfroe Middle School. Since her middle school doesn’t have a team, she plays on a combination team made up of some local high schools. Quincy is fast! She’s got great field awareness as well. We hope that this is just the first of many runs with cATLanta for Quincy!

Tosin Ogunyale

Tosin is another first time player on cATLanta this summer. She is the only player on our roster from Parkview High School. At Parkview, Tosin played on their open team. cATLanta will be Tosin’s first opportunity to play women’s and we a very excited to see her dominate. To say Tosin is athletic is an understatement! She comes to ultimate from years of basketball experience. She’s got the quickness and the hands to be a great downfield receiver. We are excited to have Tosin on our team this summer!

U-19 Boys – ATLiens (#4 seed)

Stan Birdsong– Paideia ’16
Captain. Pro athlete. World Champion. Stan takes over on offense. He commands the disc, and after he has it, he’ll drop dimes into the endzone.

Noah Li – Grady ’16
Captain. Lays out for Callahans. Noah will be looking to put up big hucks to the ATLiens’ deep receivers.

Drew DiFrancesco – Grady ’17
ATLiens veteran. An explosive handler with the ability to jump buildings in a single bound. Drew’s pristine field vision and calculated decision making will drive ATLien possessions.

Jay Burnett – Lakeside ’17
D machine. 6.5/10 flick huck.

John “B.” Roorbach– Grady ’17
The B is for Blocks. And Bookends. John gets Big for the Bail out.

Luke Smith – Paideia ’17
The tallest cutter to insist he’s a handler. Luke owns the sky on both offense and defense.

U-19 Mixed – Flatline (#9 seed)

Mack Hodges – UGA (Captain)

Great all around player, but look for Mack to be a key to advancing the disc on offense. His positivity keeps the team spirited.

Milly Negron – Brookwood (Captain)

With constant energy and spirit, Milly will provide valuable speed and endurance to fuel the team through four games on Friday.

Madison Head – KSU

Madi plays hard and physically, shutting down the opponent’s offensive. Look for him to get the most blocks this weekend.

Mazie Switzer – Grady

Another great utility player, Mazie easily crushes it on offense and defense. She scores often due to her great grabs.

Kim McGinnis – (Flatline rookie)

In her first year on Flatline, Kim has jumped right in cutting hard and helping the offensive flow.

Brandon Li – KSU (Flatline rookie)

He’s a level 20. All you need to know.

U-16 Boys – ATLas (#5 seed)

coming soon….

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