Fall League Ultimate 2016

Hi everyone!

Remember how awesome Summer League was??? Missing ultimate in your life? Just need an excuse to get up off your couch? Well I have the solution for you, and that is AFDC Fall League Ultimate!  It’s starting up very soon and I have the information you’re looking for below.


Things you need to know about this year’s league:

What: Ultimate Frisbee, only the greatest sport known to man.

Who: Teams will be 5/2 (M/F). Captains will be a male/female pair, with the rest of the team determined at the draft.


  • Registration will run 8/22 through 9/4. (Fee: $45)
  • Draft will be held week of 9/5 (exact date TBD)
  • Two games each Saturday from 9/1711/5
  • EOS will be 11/12

Where: All regular season games will be at City of Atlanta fields, primarily Grant Park and Walker Park. The End-of-Season tournament will be at Georgia Soccer Park.

Why: Because Ultimate is amazing, Saturday mornings in the fall provide wonderful weather, and you need to get the dog out of the house.

Current list of captains below:

  1. Jacob Zirbel/Alicia Queen
  2. Paige Payne/Neel Kotra
  3. Phil Vozza/Maggie Lovatt
  4. Mark Swanson/Michelle Yang
  5. Jackie Podoll/Bryant Winters
  6. Zaki Durry/Emily Karoblis
  7. Amanda Dean/Pete Holiday
  8.  Zak Dongia
  9. Matt Rekart/Hillary Katsin
  10. Lucas Henneman/Lindsay Eckhaus

Finally, if any of you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions,  feel free to send me an email at nkotra05@gmail.com and I’ll get back to you as quickly as I can.

Much love from your fall commish,


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