2016 Elections

Do you or someone you love want to ruin peoples’ summer league/spring league/entire ultimate experience? This is the perfect opportunity! The AFDC is seeking nominations for the following positions on the Board of Directors:

Goalty Director: Runs the Goalty show; sets season and tourney dates; oversees the league commissioners and chairs the Goalty committee.

Treasurer: Runs the money show; develops the budget for fiscal year and maintains three year budget plan; writes the checks, has the card;  maintains non-profit tax organization status and provides donation letters for tax-exempt donations.

Secretary: Runs the show at Board meetings; takes meetings minutes and publishes; maintains the organizational Very Important Papers; makes sure we’re up to snuff with the Secretary of State; re-ups the insurance every year.

Summer League Commissioner: Commissioners summer league, including setting player limits, overseeing registration and the draft, setting schedule; ruins your summer.

Women’s Director: New Position Alert! Maintains binders full of women to play disc sports; oversees women’s development and chairs Atlanta Women’s Ultimate committee; ovesees women’s leagues

Join up and let us know what we’ve been doing wrong and how to fix it! You get to vote on important issues AND get some free league dues. Ka-ching! 

Comment here with nominees or email info@afdc.com. Got questions? Post ’em in the comments and we’ll give you answers!

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