Spring League 2017

‘Member 2015 rainouts? ‘Member Sping League? ‘Member mid-season hat tournament?  ‘Member Tommy Wiseau’s Tuxedo Football 2K16?

Spring League 2017 plans to bring you none of the above! What you do need to know:

We need captains! Let me, your new Spring League commish Jacob Zirbel, know (jacobzirbel3 at gmail dot com) if you are interested. I can help you make a core. 


  • Regular Season: 3/11-4/29
  • EOS Tournament: 5/6
  • Games will be at Boulevard Crossing and GSP from 10-1
    • Games played at Boulevard during March will be from 12-3!
  • April Fools Fun Day (more on this later)
  • Turfs at GSP, Cleats at Boulevard
  • Play is 5/2 males/females



  • Cores are due before registration begins
  • Cores will consist of 5 males and 3 females
  • Max total ranking is 43
  • talk to me if you’re concerned about your core


  1. Andy Chung / Lauren Lee
  2. Jack Curran / Lindsay Turner

Contact me know if you have any questions: jacobzirbel3 at gmail dot com


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