SL2017 General Info


What’s staying the same: (tldr: almost everything)

  • We’re still going to play 4/3
  • 1 Female and 1 Male captain per team (captains of both genders required for cores to be submitted)
  • 14 men and 8+ women per team
  • 24 teams in co-ed summer league

What’s changing:

The price is going up to $110

Getting on a core ensures you a spot in the league. Can’t fit on your normal team? Make a new core! I’ll help you fill it out! Don’t be the guy who’s emailing to complain about being left out of the league in the middle of May, I won’t be able to do anything at that point. Tuesday nights will continue to be 2 games starting at 6:30. Most Thursday nights will have 2 games at 6:30 as well. Game of the Week plans are likely to be the same as last year, with lights at GSP. Weeknight games will continue to be primarily at Georgia Soccer Park.

We will continue to implementing a more focused and directed approach to spirit in Summer League. This will continue to include spirit circles, spirit score reporting and spirit prizes. A ranking committee will ensure that no players are terribly misranked. We will continue to replace CRM with a pre-season party for the captains. It will serve for all captains to get to know one another, understand the expectations we have for them, and learn about the new approach to spirit. What’s never changing: You will have fun. You will play a ton of ultimate. Someone is actively working to ruin your summer

Important dates reminder:

  • 1st games 5/30
  • MST 6/24-25
  • EoST 8/5-6

Final core rules to come later this week, as well as a call for captains and registration details.

Contact me with any questions: henry dot johnston+SL at gmail dot com

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