Fall League Ultimate 2017

Happy Monday!

I know it’s August, and you’re wondering when the heat of summer will go away (the answer to that is never, this is Atlanta), and dreaming about Saturday mornings doing your favorite thing in the world…chasing discs.  Well, don’t worry folks, Fall League is coming and I have all the information you need to get you excited about playing more ultimate:

Things you need to know about this year’s league:

What: Atlanta Fall League Ultimate, duh

Who: 8 teams of 5/2 (M/F). Captains will be a male/female pair, with the rest of the team determined at the draft.


  • Registration will run 8/22 through 9/4. (Fee: $60)
  • Draft will be held week of 9/4 (exact date TBD)
  • Two games each Saturday from 9/1611/4
  • EOS will be 11/11

Where: All regular season games will be at City of Atlanta fields, primarily Grant Park and Walker Park. The End-of-Season tournament will be at Georgia Soccer Park.

Why: Because Ultimate is amazing, Saturday mornings in the fall provide wonderful weather, and you want to win some sweet paper plate medals.

Current list of captains below:

  1. Jacob Zirbel/Caroline Pearson
  2. Paige Payne/Neel Kotra
  3. Lauren Lee/Richard Rembert
  4. Marvin Barge/April Ratliff
  5. Phil Vozza/Maggie Lovatt
  6. Monica Fleming/Marcus Budline
  7. Pete Holiday/Jesse Battilana
  8. Sara Allen/Matt Rekart

Finally, if any of you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions,  feel free to send me an email at nkotra05@gmail.com and I’ll get back to you as quickly as I can.

Much love from your fall commish,


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