Spring Ultimate 2018

Spring League is back and potentially better than ever!

Here’s what you need to know.

We need captains! Let me know (jacobzirbel3 at gmail dot com) if you are interested. I can help you make a core.


  • Regular Season: Saturdays, March 10th through April 28th
  • EOS Tournament: May 6th (Sunday) at GSP
  • Games will be at Boulevard Crossing, Walker Park, and Benteen from 10am to 1pm
  • Play is 5/2 males/females



  • Cores are due before registration begins
  • Cores will consist of 5 males and 3 females
  • Max total ranking is 43
  • Talk to me if you’re concerned about your core


  1. Gratuitous Party (Thomas Apsey)
  2. Jack Curran / Sophie Kay
  3. Green Beats and Hammers
  4. Big Gulps (Patrick Dogan)
  5. Drinks Well (Phil Vozza)
  6. Neel Kotra / Lindsay Turner
  7. Zechariah Lin / Sarah Kingsley
  8. Lauren Lee / Zaki Durry
  9. Ian Ker-Seymer
  10. Clark Missildine

Contact me know if you have any questions: jacobzirbel3 at gmail dot com



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