Summer League 2018: Registration Info!

Just like last year, women will have tiered registration in an attempt to encourage early registration and help us ensure that there are enough women for the league. Ladies, you are very important. Sign up! Early registration starts soon!

Ladies Tiered Registration

Date Price
4/11-4/17 $99
4/18-4/24 $105
4/25-5/8 $110

Register at:

Men’s registration will begin on 5/2 at noon and runs through 5/8. The price will be $110. The open registration will fill up in less than an hour. Men, get on a core!

You should update your profile BEFORE registration, especially if you’re trying to get into one of the free-agent male openings. You’ll be prompted to enter your real date of birth, for insurance purposes, and re-do your GRank before you’re allowed to register otherwise. While you’re doing that, make sure the email address associated with your registration account is one you monitor regularly so you don’t miss the first emails from your team!

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