Spring Ultimate 2019

Spring League is back! Here’s what you need to know…

2 more captain spots left! Let me know if you are interested – I can help you make a core.


  • Regular Season: Saturdays, March 2nd through April 27th
  • EOS Tournament: May 4th at GSP
  • Games will be at Boulevard Crossing, Walker Park, and Benteen from 10am to 1pm
  • Play is 5/2 males/females



  • Cores are due before registration begins
  • Cores will consist of 5 males and 3 females
  • Max total ranking is 43


  1. Gratuitous Party (Thomas Apsey)
  2. Memerberries (Jack Curran / Sophie Kay)
  3. Green Beats and Hammers (Marcus Budline)
  4. Big Gulps (Patrick Dogan)
  5. Drinks Well (Eric Freedman/Michelle Sloan)
  6. Catrick Swayze (Sean Finlay / Lindsay Turner)
  7. Kendyl Wade/Marvin Barge
  8. Ollie Aberle-Grasse/Kat Watson
  9. Maggie Smallwood / Dusty Register
  10. Lauren Lee / Ian Agnew

Contact me know if you have any questions: jacobzirbel3 at gmail dot com

Let the gratuitous partying begin!

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