The Color of Ultimate – Players Needed!

The application to be a part of The Color of Ultimate: ATL is now live!! We have about 15-20 spots on our roster still open at the moment, and we are hoping for the most talented players of color in ultimate to join us for this event!
Read more about our mission with this event in our previous post.

All players who self-identify as a person of color are encouraged to apply by filling out this application. Spots will be offered on a rolling basis, so don’t wait! Players will know of their final status by May 18th. More information about the process and player experience is included in the application form.

We’re excited to announce the following players have already committed:


  • Anraya Palmer (Atlanta Soul, Atlanta Ozone)
  • Leah Tsinajinie (Atlanta Soul, Atlanta Ozone)
  • Jin-Mi Matsunaga (Atlanta Soul, Atlanta Ozone)
  • Shanye Crawford (Atlanta Soul, Atlanta Bucket)
  • Manuela Cardenas (Medellin Revolution)
  • Valeria Cardenas (Medellin Revolution)
  • Elizabeth Mosquera (Medellin Revolution)
  • Ximena Montana (Medellin Revolution)


  • Matt Smith (Atlanta Hustle, Atlanta Chain Lightning)
  • Kelvin Williams (Atlanta Hustle, Atlanta Chain Lightning)
  • Anders Olsen (Atlanta Hustle, Atlanta Chain Lightning)
  • Sun Choi (Atlanta Hustle, Atlanta Chain Lightning)
  • Byron Liu (San Francisco Revolver)
  • Christian Boxley (DC Breeze, Washington DC Truck Stop)
  • Ben Feng (DC Breeze, Washington DC Truck Stop)


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