COVID-19 Check-in: Fall Edition

In short:

  • We are not holding Fall leagues.  Stay safe everybody.
  • Volunteer to help lead us into 2021 and beyond!  Sign up HERE

We are constantly monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic and eager to return to play but the safety of the community is our primary concern, therefore we will NOT be holding any Fall leagues this year.  We are continuing to look to state & local governments and the CDC for guidance as it relates to our league events, as well as USAU for sanctioned play like our Terminus and High School States tournaments.  Field closings and health concerns are making future-state planning difficult, but we are considering many options including smaller-scale league head to heads, hat tournaments, and open play.  Input from the community has been exceptionally valuable in our considerations and we welcome any discussion on the subject.

We are also in the yearly election cycle for the Board of Directors!  This is a 501(c)(3) educational nonprofit led by elected members of our community and we welcome you to volunteer.  Even if you’re not up for leadership but you do have a willingness to take a roll in the organization and skills that can help the community, please tell us about you!

Here is a link to our form: 

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