Winter Update – Return to Play – Goalti – Elections



  • Prepare your cores for WINTER GOALTI
  • #NewYearNewBoard


We’re returning to play until/unless things get worse (again).  That said, the COVID situation in Atlanta is still not great.  Long story short, as of RIGHT NOW, we’re in the GREEN ZONE so precautions are up to the discretion of the event organizers.  Whether we’re in RED, YELLOW, or GREEN changes from week to week, so keep an eye out for updates.  Here’s the formal policy adopted by the organization:

The Atlanta Flying Disc Club will continue to base policy decisions on the guidance from the City of Atlanta, which uses a Red-Yellow-Green system found HERE.  When Red, all play is suspended.  When Yellow, play is allowed within current City of Atlanta and CDC guidelines and recommendations.  Accordingly, when Yellow, all players will need to provide proof of vaccination to play without a mask.  All other players will be required to wear a mask while playing and on the sideline.  Players who violate mask rules will be removed from play.  When Green, play is allowed without modification.  During Yellow and Green phases, it is at the organizer’s discretion to implement additional safety measures beyond what is outlined above.  

Stay safe, have fun, and STAY SAFE.


We’re kicking off the new year with GOALTI!  Yes, GOALTI is returning to Grant Park on Saturdays through January and February.

For the uninitiated, Goaltimate is a lot like your normal Ultimate.  It’s like the “half-court basketball” of Ultimate.  We could try to explain it 1000 different ways through comparisons, but it might be easier to just watch a video: 

Expect more details to come soon, but now is the time to start assembling your cores and get ready to get teams together after Thanksgiving.


Per the bylaws the slate of incoming Board members is up for review by the members (you!).  Here’s the slate – let us know if you object to any or all of the slate.

President – Chris Cahill
Treasurer – Jacob Zirbel
Secretary – Ty Krajec (new to the board)
Ultimate – Jackie Podoll
Goaltimate – Jason Crowe
Juniors – Mark Sanders
AWU – Lily Ponitz (new to the board)
Project Diversity – Josh Feng
Webmaster – Pete Holiday
Social – Jacob Dangler (new to the board)

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