Indoor Tournament – March 5 – REGISTRATION OPEN

Indoor Tournament: March 5 | XL Sports

Details and Registration Information

RETURN OF THE AFDC INDOOR TOURNAMENT! After 2 long years, we are happy to announce that AFDC will be hosting the indoor tournament in Fairborn again! It’s a mixed, 5v5 mini tournament that will take place on March 5th at XL Sports . There is room for 8 teams and play will be in the evening starting around 7 and going until 11. Interested? Well here’s more information:


XL Sports World

1245 Oakley Industrial Blvd.,Fairburn, GA 30213



March 5th, 2022 – Play will start at 7 PM and go until 11PM


FACILITY RULE: XL SPORTS WORLD DOES NOT ALLOW CLEATS!!! You will either need to wear flats or turf shoes.

Games will be timed – there will be 2 halves of 8 minutes each with a 2 minute half time for a total or 18 minutes

Style – make it, drop it. As soon as a team scores, possession will switch to the other team starting on the goal line of the end zone that was just scored in (there are no pulls)

Subbing – this will be hockey style so you can sub at any point during game play


Opens Now!

Cost: $300 per team

Please email Brooks Anderson to reserve a spot. This will be first come first serve so the quicker you can reserve, the better!



Teams will be capped at 15 (8/7 men to women ratio or vice versa)

Due to the size of the tournament and interest in the past, we are not expecting there to be room for a free agent team.


This league is available to only vaccinated individuals. Before playing an individuals vaccine status will be checked by the commissioner.

If you have any questions, comments, or are ready to reserve your spot, please reach out to me at

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