AFDC is returning to play!

Your AFDC COVID-Committee has been hard at work discussing different approaches and options in an effort to update our COVID policy.  Safety of our players and the general public is our primary concern.  Based on state/local recommendations and what other local, regional, and national disc-sport organizations have done, we are updating our approach….

… long story short, WE ARE RETURNING TO PLAY!!

Here’s the details of our updated COVID policy: 

1.  All participants in leagues and events must be fully vaccinated or wear masks.  Fully vaccinated means having received all vaccines and boosters currently recommended – as of today, the two-part vaccine plus the booster.  Vaccine cards can be uploaded and reviewed through the registrations site.  Anyone not fully vaccinated must wear a mask while playing and on the sidelines.  Each event may have additional or more restrictive safety measures as determined by their organizers.  

2.  Regular COVID committee meetings will be held quarterly to re-assess the state of COVID, public health recommendations, and our policy.  Special COVID meetings may be called by any member of the COVID committee for sudden changes in the state of COVID, to be held within one-week of calling the meeting.  

Similar to USAU, we are checking vaccine status in event registration.  You can upload a picture of your vaccine card on the registrations website HERE ( through the linked google form.

We will be checking these.  We will remind you if you aren’t in compliance with league rules before the league starts, and you will not be able to play unless we confirm that you’re playing by the rules.  If it helps, consider these rules similar to “dangerous play” or SOTG violations.

Please note that AFDC Juniors is adopting its own policy, similar to this but based on USAU and APS guidelines.  Talk to your coaches about the details.

The policy may be updated.  The current policy and FAQs can be found on the Policies page under the About tab above, or by clicking here: 

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