Seven on Seven – Andrew Hollingworth

For the fourth installment of seven… Andrew Hollingworth.


1. What was your first Summer League team?  Did you love it or loathe it?
Besides picking up with BFFs for EOST in 2010 (is that even allowed?), Terms of Enrampagement was my first AFDC Summer League team; it was fun as long as Archie wasn’t trying to throw upfield.

2.  You’re only allowed to make one type of throw for the rest of your life; what is it?
Downwind backhand.

3.  What’s the most glorious play you ever made?  Exaggeration is encouraged.
The one time at Sectionals when I pulled it in-bounds.

4.  What’s the worst or most embarrassing play you ever made?  Don’t spare the details.
After making an extremely gratuitous bid, with my defender lying on top of me, I tried to roll over and throw a hammer for a goal lying down. Needless to say it was not completed.

Andrew Hollingworth

5.  Who is your favorite Ultimate player and why?
Michael Spear, obviously. Hobbits have to stick together.

6.  If an Ultimate Frisbee heaven exists, what would you like to hear the “Ultimate Deity” say when you arrive at the pearly gates?
I would like it if s/he administered a rules test that everyone had to pass to get in.

7.  What makes the AFDC so darn swell?
I’m not a doctor, but it should probably get some ice on it and make an appointment with a specialist.

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