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I give you the woman who not only dons the Ozone jersey and kicks butt on the ultimate field, but also brought back woman’s league in 2013 and wants to keep it going in 2014. Yes, that’s right, it’s Kate Wilson!




What is your current role in the AFDC?
Women’s League Coordinator

Kate Wilson2What are you looking to accomplish within the next year/season and how do you plan to go about it?
I’d love to grow women’s league by a great deal. This season was awesome for involving a lot of youth and college players. I’d like to see that trend continue and also find new ways to get adult ladies involved as well. I hope to tap into the great coaching movement happening in Atlanta and also encourage women playing in coed leagues throughout the season to come check out women’s league.

Why did you decide to get involved?
I was on the SC before I moved away back in ’06 and had a lot of fun. I also think 5/2 can be a really difficult way to get women involved in ultimate, give them lots of touches on the disc, and make them fall in love with ultimate. I wanted to bring women’s league back and encourage women to come out, get involved, and (for those women who have struggled to feel like they matter in 5/2 coed) give them extra confidence and touches on the disc.

What is your craziest AFDC story?
Ummmmm….Team Speedo. Summer league 2006. One late night when we got stormed out and had a party at a house where I was house sitting. There were costumes and… other fun things…

What type of shenanigans do you get into outside of ultimate?
Not much shenanigans these days. Lots of studying for grad school. Lots of cooking and baking. Lots of real nerdy board games.  
                                                      Kate Wilson
There’s a kitten stuck up in a tree. Only you can help it and all you have is the contents in your frisbee bag. What do you do?

And finally, what do you love most about the AFDC?
Angela. Duh.

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