COVID-19 Check-in: Summer

It’s been a little over a month since we suspended activities and with recent changes in Georgia, we wanted to check-in with everyone again to provide another comprehensive update.

Primarily, it’s still too early to tell when we will be able to return to play or what that might look like when the time comes. We continue to listen to guidance from state & local governments and the CDC as it relates to our league events as well as USAU for sanctioned play like our Terminus and High School States tournaments. Field closings and uncertain player interest are making future-state planning difficult, but we are considering many options including smaller-scale league head to heads, hat tournaments, and open play. We expect to have ultimate and goaltimate playing opportunities again, but don’t quite know what that will look like yet.

What we do know:

  • [4.23] Georgia’s Public Health State of Emergency was renewed until May 13 and instructs residents to practice social distancing and refrain from gatherings of more than 10 people (with some exceptions).
  • Ultimate & goaltimate play are not conducive to these guidelines.
  • [4.17] USAU’s update reaffirms the suspension of sanctioned events through May 10 and will evaluate events on a case by case basis subsequently.

Summer League – All Summer League planning has been suspended until further notice. We look forward to resuming play as soon as is safe and practical.

Youth Elite Ultimate (YEU), formerly YCCTryouts for our 4 Atlanta YEU teams, cATLanta, rATLers, ATLiens & ATLas, have been postponed, but registration is open! As we learn more, we’ll communicate tryout dates, practice schedules, and plans for up-coming tournament competition.

Atlanta Women’s Ultimate (AWU) – We’re postponing the club kick-off, townhall and other in-person gatherings for the time being and since the USAU club season has been delayed and the PUL 2020 season suspended. We’ve brainstormed some virtual hangouts and creative tournament ideas when circumstances allow, so stay tuned!

Club Terminus – We’re tentatively on, but don’t have a date yet (for hopefully obvious reasons..). Like Summer League, lots of factors go into planning a large event like this so we’re considering various scenarios and smaller scale options for what this event might look like down the road.

Juniors Leagues & HS States – We’re following USAU’s lead, but with activities suspended until May 10th, this likely means seasons are over as communicated previously. Follow us on social media (@afdcjuniors) to stay connected or let us know how you’re doing!

Spring Leagues – These leagues have been cancelled (Spring Ultimate, Spring Cobb Ultimate, Spring Goaltimate). We’re still working on refunds, please bear with us as we work through the backlog.

In other news,

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