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  • Prepare your cores for WINTER GOALTI
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We’re returning to play until/unless things get worse (again).  That said, the COVID situation in Atlanta is still not great.  Long story short, as of RIGHT NOW, we’re in the GREEN ZONE so precautions are up to the discretion of the event organizers.  Whether we’re in RED, YELLOW, or GREEN changes from week to week, so keep an eye out for updates.  Here’s the formal policy adopted by the organization:

The Atlanta Flying Disc Club will continue to base policy decisions on the guidance from the City of Atlanta, which uses a Red-Yellow-Green system found HERE.  When Red, all play is suspended.  When Yellow, play is allowed within current City of Atlanta and CDC guidelines and recommendations.  Accordingly, when Yellow, all players will need to provide proof of vaccination to play without a mask.  All other players will be required to wear a mask while playing and on the sideline.  Players who violate mask rules will be removed from play.  When Green, play is allowed without modification.  During Yellow and Green phases, it is at the organizer’s discretion to implement additional safety measures beyond what is outlined above.  

Stay safe, have fun, and STAY SAFE.


We’re kicking off the new year with GOALTI!  Yes, GOALTI is returning to Grant Park on Saturdays through January and February.

For the uninitiated, Goaltimate is a lot like your normal Ultimate.  It’s like the “half-court basketball” of Ultimate.  We could try to explain it 1000 different ways through comparisons, but it might be easier to just watch a video: 

Expect more details to come soon, but now is the time to start assembling your cores and get ready to get teams together after Thanksgiving.


Per the bylaws the slate of incoming Board members is up for review by the members (you!).  Here’s the slate – let us know if you object to any or all of the slate.

President – Chris Cahill
Treasurer – Jacob Zirbel
Secretary – Ty Krajec (new to the board)
Ultimate – Jackie Podoll
Goaltimate – Jason Crowe
Juniors – Mark Sanders
AWU – Lily Ponitz (new to the board)
Project Diversity – Josh Feng
Webmaster – Pete Holiday
Social – Jacob Dangler (new to the board)

COVID-19 Check In: Fall 2021

Due to updated local public health guidance, we are suspending league play until further notice. We look forward to resuming play as soon as is safe and practical.

Volunteers wanted!

It’s that time of year again!

AFDC is looking for volunteers to help with running all parts of the organization – from graphic work to running leagues and events to managing the board and returning to play.  If you’re interested or know someone who might be, then send me an e-mail at


Summer Registration is OPEN

Registration for 2021 Summer Ultimate is now open! Click HERE to register today!

Current Plan
Tuesday and Thursday evenings, July 8th – August 5th
End of Season on Saturday, August 7th

We’re also still looking for captains. If you’re interested, please reach out to

We’re Returning to Play!

Hopefully you’ve found your cleats by now, or purchased new ones… so you can join us on the field this summer! Read about what we’ve got in store below –

Open Play

First up, we’re hosting a few Open Play sessions in June. “Open Play” is a new format for us and one that we hope to do much more of this year and beyond – it’s essentially AFDC hosted pick-up! We’ll book and set up fields then encourage anyone that’s interested to

come out and have fun playing ultimate. We’ll be on-site to teach you the ropes if you’re new, help you practice your throws, or review the finer points of self-officiating and Spirit of the Game with you.

It’s free for anyone to play, but you’ll need to check-in and sign an AFDC waiver when you arrive. This is pick-up, so be sure to bring a light & dark. Follow us on social media @atlantaultimate for posts about up-coming opportunities near you!

  • June 12, Central Park 10am-Noon
  • June 19, Old 4th Ward Park 10am-Noon Cancelled
  • June 27, Boulevard Crossing 10am-Noon

In compliance with City of Atlanta health guidelines, masks or proof of vaccination will not be required at these outdoor events (subject to change as needed).

An Ultimate League This Summer

In July, we’ll be hosting a more traditional adult ultimate league for those looking for more regular playing opportunities with friends. Following the most unconventional of years, the format of this league will also be a little unconventional.

It’s a league. It’s in the summer. But don’t think of it as our traditional Summer League. Don’t freak out! More details to come.

If you’re interested in captaining a team this year, please email our commissioners at to get in the know around what’s coming next!

Club Terminus

To give local USA Ultimate club teams taking shape a playing opportunity to be tested together before competing regionally or nationally, we’re also planning to host Club Terminus, just a little later than usual this summer. Terminus is a USAU sanctioned tournament and teams & players must be registered with USAU to participate.

We’re currently looking at field availability & will announce a date soon.

We WILL have a women’s division as many tournaments in the southeast have unfortunately cancelled theirs and fostering diverse playing opportunities is a cornerstone of the AFDC’s mission.

Email our Tournament Director ( to express interest in submitting a bid.

Photo credits: Aileen Thomas

Spring 2021

Do you know where your cleats are?… Because you’re going to need them!

Local & national health conditions have continued to trend in the right direction, so we’re currently planning return to play activities for AFDC adults as early as June. We’re easing into things as the community eases back into on-field play and re-evaluating what our events look like, so expect new formats and playing opportunities!

We’ll be announcing up-coming events as we solidify plans, so stay tuned for more information! Additional health & safety requirements for players & attendees will be communicated prior to the event and will likely change throughout the season as situations evolve.

AFDC Juniors recently concluded the 2021 high school season with a few team tournament weekends and individually scheduled school games. Teams played in masks, sanitized discs between points, or  held smaller throwing sessions to get touches in this season.

Youth Elite Ultimate is gearing up for the 2021 summer season and will have playing opportunities available for U20 & U17 eligible players. Tryouts are FREE and approaching soon, so sign-up today!


Photo credits: Aileen Thomas, Chris Cahill

COVID-19 check-in: Winter Edition

  • Leagues and events are still suspended.  Stay safe everybody!
  • The board held yearly elections, results below.

We are still constantly monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic and eager to return to play but the safety of the community is our primary concern.  Events and leagues remain suspended.  We are monitoring the administration and effect of the COVID vaccines and are continuing to look to state and local governments, along with CDC and USAU for guidance in our leagues and events at both the adult and youth levels of competition.  Indefinite field closures and persistent health concerns make planning difficult, but we are optimistic as we enter 2021.  That said, no definite plans for return to play have been set at this time.

The Board of Directors has nominated a slate of new directors!  Directors hold their positions for three years and each year a number of positions are open for nominations.  This year the following nominees are presented by your Board:

  • President: Aileen Thomas
  • Ultimate Director: Jackie Podoll
  • Juniors Director: Mark Sanders
  • Webmaster: Pete Holiday

Congratulations to the slate!  Members have 7 days to oppose any nomination in writing per the bylaws of the organization.  Email for questions about this process.

Please stay safe and healthy over the holidays!  See you in 2021.

COVID-19 Check-in: Fall Edition

In short:

  • We are not holding Fall leagues.  Stay safe everybody.
  • Volunteer to help lead us into 2021 and beyond!  Sign up HERE

We are constantly monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic and eager to return to play but the safety of the community is our primary concern, therefore we will NOT be holding any Fall leagues this year.  We are continuing to look to state & local governments and the CDC for guidance as it relates to our league events, as well as USAU for sanctioned play like our Terminus and High School States tournaments.  Field closings and health concerns are making future-state planning difficult, but we are considering many options including smaller-scale league head to heads, hat tournaments, and open play.  Input from the community has been exceptionally valuable in our considerations and we welcome any discussion on the subject.

We are also in the yearly election cycle for the Board of Directors!  This is a 501(c)(3) educational nonprofit led by elected members of our community and we welcome you to volunteer.  Even if you’re not up for leadership but you do have a willingness to take a roll in the organization and skills that can help the community, please tell us about you!

Here is a link to our form: 

COVID-19 Check-in: Summer

It’s been a little over a month since we suspended activities and with recent changes in Georgia, we wanted to check-in with everyone again to provide another comprehensive update.

Continue reading »

All Ultimate Activities Suspended

Due to the changing response to COVID-19 by the nation, state, and local governments, we are suspending all Summer League planning until further notice. We look forward to resuming play as soon as is safe and practical.

As a community, we would appreciate your suggestions and input on the matter. Please e-mail any comments and suggestions to for discussion.