Youth Summer League – Registration Open

Youth Summer League registration is now open and will close on May 31st. There are two leagues available: middle school and high school. Register here!

Middle school summer league will take place on Mondays from June 5th-July 17th at Piedmont Park (active oval soccer fields) from 6:30-8:30pm. There are two divisions: beginner and advanced.

High school league will take place on Wednesdays from June 7th-July 19th at Piedmont Park (active soccer fields) from 6:30-8:30pm. Again, two divisions are offered: beginner and advanced.

The first half of each date will consists of volunteer coaches leading a skills/drills portion before dividing up to scrimmage. The league is a “hat” league and thus teams will be reshuffled every week. This is a great way to introduce your child to the game of ultimate frisbee or to get your child some organized reps if they’re already familiar with the game. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Matt Smith (

Register here!

5-19-17 AFDC Board Response to Feedback to New Pet Policy

In reference to this message shared with Summer league captains on Wednesday May 17th.

We appreciate the feedback and concerns received from AFDC membership about the new pet policy as well as the Board’s communication. We hope this document will better explain the circumstances and process around the current policy. This change clearly impacts a lot of people in our community, and we welcome continued feedback.

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You have to leave your dog at home this summer

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Summer League 2017 Links

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SL17 Call for Captains

Captains! ASSEMBLE!

The call for captains is up on the forum. Post there or email Rich (henry dot johnston+SL at gmail) to get your core on the list! Continue reading »

SL17 Registration Info

Just like last year, women will have tiered registration in an attempt to encourage early registration and help us ensure that there are enough women for the league. Ladies, you are very important. Sign up! Early registration starts soon! Continue reading »

SL17 Core Details

Summer League 2017 core details are in! Read on to find out all you need to know in order to make a core for this year’s Summer League. Continue reading »

SL2017 General Info


What’s staying the same: (tldr: almost everything)

  • We’re still going to play 4/3
  • 1 Female and 1 Male captain per team (captains of both genders required for cores to be submitted)
  • 14 men and 8+ women per team
  • 24 teams in co-ed summer league

What’s changing:

The price is going up to $110

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Summer League 2017 Save the Dates

Save the dates!

Regular season: Tuesdays and Thursdays, May 30 through August 3

MST: June 24/25

EoST: August 5/6

Registration will go up sometime in April.

Just as a heads up, the price of summer league is increasing to $110.

More details to come.


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SLAM 2017

This is the first year for SLAM (Sunday Late Afternoon Mini)! Given the issues we’ve had with securing fields for SNL we’re scrapping it and putting together something new and in town. If you’re looking to play club in the spring, mini is a great way to maximize touches and conditioning with teammates. Continue reading »