Seven on Seven – Ellen Johnson

In this penultimate installment of the series, it’s time to meet… Ellen Johnson.


1. What was your first Summer League team?  Did you love it or loathe it?
I don’t remember what my first summer league’s team name was. It was some reference I didn’t get. I was really new and super horrible at throwing and my team didn’t win a game the whole summer. Needless to say, I barely made it out.

2.  You’re only allowed to make one type of throw for the rest of your life; what is it?
I’d have to stick with my flick for the rest of my life. I can throw it far and short and left and right! It might be really common in the Frisbee world, but in every other group it’s super amazing and makes you look incredible.

Ellen Johnson (with Andy Lansford)

3.  What’s the most glorious play you ever made?  Exaggeration is encouraged.
My most favorite play was during this past summer league. My team was dressed up as cats with whiskers and face paint. Some people had collars and tails. It was all ridiculous. The other team happened to be our arch rival in the game of the week. We were pretty evenly matched. Every time they made a point we would make the next one. Everyone was drinking like it was supposed to be a nice friendly game but everybody was pulling out all the stops. It was the game winning point for us. We were all already in the end zone trying to score. Everybody was clogging and it was horrible. My team finally threw it up and guess who came down with it?! Me. I saved the day. I’ve never been so popular after a game finished.

4.  What’s the worst or most embarrassing play you ever made?  Don’t spare the details.
I was at regionals one year. It was the one of the worst storms you could imagine. It was sleeting and nobody had any of the right clothes to wear. Things kept happening to my team: 2 girls were in the trainer’s tent, one girl was super sick and in the warm car waiting for it all to end, and we were down to just 7 girls playing savage. A few of the points my team had just given up. During one of the points, my teammate threw a pass to me and with the rain and wind it had turned into a blade aiming straight for my face. I covered my head and face planted in a puddle. I’ve never been so embarrassed.

5.  Who is your favorite Ultimate player and why?
Greg Swanson is my favorite because he can do anything and he looks good doing it.

6.  If an Ultimate Frisbee heaven exists, what would you like to hear the “Ultimate Deity” say when you arrive at the pearly gates?
There is Sweetwater on tap.

7.  What makes the AFDC so darn swell?
Everybody in the AFDC is super carefree. If you are new, nobody hesitates to teach you something you didn’t know before. My favorite part is that the community is huge and there is always something going on.

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