Seven on Seven – Dave Goode

And last, but certainly not least…the incomparable… Dave Goode.


1. What was your first Summer League team?  Did you love it or loathe it?
I don’t remember my team’s name, but I believe my first SL team was with Jackie Bourgeois, Billy Skillas and the Techies.  Of course, I loved it…until I broke a collar bone, laying out sideways.  Later, as I started to beef up, I learned to layout chest first.  Eventually, I learned to stop laying out.

2.  You’re only allowed to make one type of throw for the rest of your life; what is it?
A completion.  I’d hate for people to start calling me The Donator.

3.  What’s the most glorious play you ever made?  Exaggeration is encouraged.
Once, while playing a very windy point at Natties with Chain, I threw a sharp upwind pass from mid-field which I believe was deflected by the receiver, causing the disc to take flight wildly beyond the sideline.  While players looked to the sky in astonishment and considered the trajectory, I never moved an inch.  With hands on my hips, I stood like a waiting superhero.  I knew it was mine.  Seconds later I stabbed the boomeranged disc and relished my fresh stall count.

4.  What’s the worst or most embarrassing play you ever made?  Don’t spare the details.
Hmmm…I’ve had too many to count.  Most of my worst memories are of being that guy who has the very last turnover of the very last game of a tournament…like Natalie Street had for Lucky in 2011.

5.  Who is your favorite Ultimate player and why?
Doug Oetter.  He plays hard and exhibits great spirit.  He was among the Athens Ultimate players who first taught me the sport.  I can still picture the hair, the cut-off jeans, the undersized T-shirt, the pre-orthodontic smile and the athletic socks up to his genitalia.  Runner up: the indomitable Mark Swanson.

6.  If an Ultimate Frisbee heaven exists, what would you like to hear the “Ultimate Deity” say when you arrive at the pearly gates?
Welcome my good and faithful servant…tell me about Summer League 2010.  And, by the way, Trapp was out of bounds during that 2003 practice at North Atlanta High School.

7.  What makes the AFDC so darn swell?
We are family.

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